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Ultrasonography of the breast



Ultrasound - abdomen

Ultrasound - carotid

Ultrasound - eye orbit

Ultrasound - pregnancy

Ultrasound - thyroid

Ultrasound - transvaginal

Ultrasound - vascular - carotid

Ultrasound-guided breast biopsy

Ultraviolet light test

Unconjugated bilirubin - blood


Upper airway biopsy

Upper endoscopy

Upper GI and small bowel series

Upper GI series

Urea nitrogen urine test

Ureteral retrograde brush biopsy

Urethral discharge culture

Urethral discharge Gram stain

Uric acid - blood

Uric acid - urine


Urinalysis - clean catch

Urinary 24 hours sodium

Urinary Ca+2

Urinary casts

Urinary chloride

Urine - citric acid test

Urine - hemoglobin

Urine - red blood cells

Urine 24-hour volume

Urine albumin

Urine amino acids

Urine appearance and color

Urine Bence-Jones protein

Urine catecholamines

Urine chemistry

Urine collection - clean catch

Urine collection - infants

Urine concentration test

Urine coproporphyrin

Urine creatinine test

Urine culture

Urine culture - catheterization

Urine culture - catheterized specimen

Urine culture - clean catch

Urine cytology

Urine density

Urine dermatan sulfate

Urine drug screen

Urine glucose test

Urine heparan sulfate

Urine immunoglobulin electrophoresis

Urine ketones

Urine melanin

Urine metanephrine

Urine myoglobin

Urine Na+

Urine pH test

Urine potassium

Urine protein

Urine protein - 24 hour

Urine protein - 24 hour

Urine protein electrophoresis

Urine specific gravity test

Urine sugar test

Urine urea nitrogen

Urine uroporphyrin

Urine volume






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