Health Information




Salivary gland biopsy

Scalp pH testing

Scan - carotid duplex

Scan - lung

Scan - thyroid

Schilling test

Schirmer's test

Scintigraphy - bone

Scintiscan - renal perfusion

Scratch tests - allergy

Scrotal ultrasound

Secretin stimulation test

Sed rate

Sedimentation rate

Segmental pulse volume recordings

Seizure - EEG

Sensitivity analysis

Sentinel lymph node biopsy

Sequential multi-channel analysis with computer-20

Sequential multi-channel analysis with computer-7

Serial chest x-ray

Serologic test for B. anthracis

Serology for brucellosis

Serology for Francisella tularensis

Serology for tularemia

Serotonin metabolite

Serotonin test

Serum adrenocorticotropic hormone

Serum angiotensin-converting enzyme

Serum antibodies

Serum calcium

Serum chloride test

Serum cholinesterase

Serum chromium

Serum cortisol

Serum creatinine

Serum DHEA-sulfate

Serum erythropoietin

Serum factor IX

Serum ferritin level

Serum fibrinogen

Serum free hemoglobin test

Serum globulin electrophoresis

Serum glutamate pyruvate transaminase

Serum glutamic-oxaloacetic transaminase

Serum HCG - qualitative

Serum hemoglobin

Serum herpes simplex antibodies

Serum immunofixation

Serum immunoglobulin electrophoresis

Serum iron test

Serum leucine aminopeptidase

Serum myoglobin

Serum phenylalanine screening

Serum phosphorus

Serum serotonin level

Serum sodium

Serum TBG level

Serum testosterone

Serum thyroxine binding globulin

Serum trypsin

Serum trypsinogen

Sestamibi stress test

Sex chromatin test



Shave biopsy

Shoulder CT scan

Shoulder MRI scan



Sickle cell test



Sigmoidoscopy - flexible

Sinus CT scan

Sinus MRI scan

Sinus x-ray

Skeletal survey

Skin biopsy

Skin lesion aspiration

Skin lesion biopsy

Skin lesion gram stain

Skin lesion KOH exam

Skin or nail culture

Skin self-exam

Skin tests - allergy

Skinny-needle thyroid biopsy

Skull radiography

Skull x-ray

Sleep study

Slit-lamp exam





Small bowel biopsy

Small bowel enema

Small bowel follow-through

Small bowel tissue smear

Small intestine aspirate and culture

Smear of duodenal fluid aspirate

Snellen test

Sodium - serum

Sodium blood test

Sodium urine test

Sonde enteroscopy


Sonogram of the breast

Spinal CT

Spinal fluid culture

Spinal fluid smear

Spinal tap

Spine x-ray



Split night polysomnography

Sputum culture

Sputum direct fluorescent antibody (DFA)

Sputum fungal smear

Sputum Gram stain

Sputum stain for mycobacteria

Standard ophthalmic exam

Static lung volume determination

Stereotactic breast biopsy

Sternal tap

Stomach acid test

Stomach pumping

Stool - trypsin and chymotrypsin

Stool C. difficile toxin

Stool culture

Stool Gram stain

Stool guaiac test

Stool occult blood test - flushable home test

Stool occult blood test - guaiac smear

Stool occult blood test -- guaiac smear

Stool ova and parasites exam

Stool smear


Streptococcal screen

Stress ECG

Stress echocardiography

Stress test - echocardiography

Stress test - exercise treadmill

Stress test - nuclear

String test

Sucrose hemolysis test

Sugar-water hemolysis test


Surface echo

Swab for respiratory viruses

Swab for Staph carriage

Swan-Ganz - right heart catheterization

Sweat chloride

Sweat electrolytes test

Sweat test

Synovial biopsy

Synovial fluid analysis

Syphilis screening test

Systolic blood pressure


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