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Paint - oil based - poisoning

Paint - watercolors

Paint remover poisoning

Paint, lacquer, and varnish remover poisoning

Painted leaf poisoning

Palladone overdose

Para-aminobenzoic acid

Paracetamol overdose

Paradichlorobenzene poisoning

Paraffin poisoning

Paralytic shellfish poisoning


PCP overdose

PediaProfen overdose

Pencil erasers

Pencil swallowing


Pentazocine overdose

Pentobarbital overdose

Pentosol overdose

Pepcid overdose

Peppermint oil overdose

Percocet overdose

Percodan overdose

Periactin overdose

Petroleum jelly overdose

Phenaphen with codeine overdose

Phencyclidine overdose

Phenergan overdose

Phenic acid poisoning

Phenindamine overdose

Pheniramine overdose

Phenobarbital overdose

Phenol poisoning

Phenothiazine overdose

Phenylic acid poisoning

Phenytoin overdose

Philodendron poisoning

Photographic developer poisoning

Photographic fixative poisoning

Pigeon Berry poisoning

Pine oil poisoning

Piperonyl butoxide with pyrethrins poisoning

Piroxicam overdose

Plant fertilizer poisoning

Plant food - household - poisoning

Plastic casting resin poisoning

Plastic resin hardener poisoning


Poinsettia plant exposure

Poison control center - emergency number

Poison ivy - oak - sumac

Poison oak

Poison sumac

Poisoning - fish and shellfish

Poke salad poisoning

Pokeberry poisoning

Pokeweed poisoning

Poly-D overdose

Poly-Histine overdose

Polysporin ointment overdose

Potassium carbonate poisoning

Potassium hydroxide poisoning

Potato plant poisoning - green tubers and sprouts

Potpourri poisoning

Promethazine overdose

Propane poisoning


Propoxyphene hydrochloride

Propoxyphene overdose

Propyl alcohol

Psychoorganic syndrome

Purgoxin overdose

Pyrethrins poisoning


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