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C-reactive protein

C1 esterase inhibitor

C1 inhibiting factor






CA-125 blood test


Calcitonin blood test

Calcium - ionized

Calcium - urine

Calcium blood test

Calcium scoring

Caloric stimulation

Caloric test

Campylobacter serology test

Capillary nail refill test

Capillary refill time

Capillary sample

Capsule enteroscopy

Carbon dioxide test


Carcinoembryonic antigen blood test

Cardiac angiography

Cardiac blood pooling imaging

Cardiac catheterization

Cardiac-specific troponin I

Cardiac-specific troponin T

Carotene test

Carotid angiogram

Carotid artery ultrasound

Carotid duplex

Carotid ultrasound

Carpal tunnel biopsy

Casts in the urine

CAT scan

CAT scan - abdomen

CAT scan - arm

CAT scan - heart

CAT scan - knee

CAT scan - leg

CAT scan - lumbar spine

CAT scan - pelvis

CAT scan - shoulder

CAT scan - sinus

CAT scan - thoracic spine

CAT scan – cervical spine

Cat scratch disease skin test

Catecholamines - blood

Catecholamines - urine

Catheterization - cardiac

Catheterization - left heart

Catheterization - right heart

Catheterized urine specimen culture


CEA blood test

Cerebral angiography

Cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) collection

Cerebrospinal fluid - immunofixation

Cerebrospinal fluid analysis

Cerebrospinal fluid culture

Cerebrospinal fluid culture

Cerebrospinal fluid glucose test

Cerebrospinal fluid smear


Cervical biopsy

Cervical conization

Cervical MRI scan

Cervical punch biopsy

Cervical spine CT scan

Cervical spine x-ray



Chemistry - urine

Chest CT

Chest MRI

Chest PET scan

Chest radiography

Chest tomogram

Chest x-ray

Chloride - urine test

Chloride test - blood

Cholangiogram - PTCA


Cholinesterase - blood

Christmas factor assay

Chromium - blood test

Cisternal puncture


Citric acid urine test

CK - isoenzymes

CK test


Clean catch urine sample

Clean catch urine specimen

Closed pleural biopsy

Clotting time: protime


CMV antibody tests

CMV serology test

CO2 blood test

CO2 test - serum

Cobalamin test

Coccidioides antibody test

Coccidioides antibody test - spinal fluid

Coccidioides complement fixation

Coccidioides precipitin

Coccidioidomycosis antibody test

Cold agglutinins

Cold knife cone biopsy

Cold water calorics

Colography - virtual

Colonic tissue culture


Colonoscopy - virtual

Color vision test

Colposcopy - directed biopsy


Complement assay

Complement component 3 (C3)

Complement component 4

Complement fixation test to C. burnetii

Complement proteins

Complete blood count

Comprehensive metabolic panel

Computed axial tomography scan

Computed axial tomography scan - arm

Computed axial tomography scan - heart

Computed axial tomography scan - knee

Computed axial tomography scan - leg

Computed axial tomography scan - lumbar spine

Computed axial tomography scan - pelvis

Computed axial tomography scan - shoulder

Computed axial tomography scan - sinus

Computed axial tomography scan - thoracic spine

Computed axial tomography scan – cervical spine

Computed tomographic colonography

Computed tomography - cranial

Computed tomography scan

Computed tomography scan - abdomen

Computed tomography scan - arm

Computed tomography scan - heart

Computed tomography scan - knee

Computed tomography scan - leg

Computed tomography scan - lumbar spine

Computed tomography scan - orbit

Computed tomography scan - pelvis

Computed tomography scan - shoulder

Computed tomography scan - sinus

Computed tomography scan - thoracic spine

Computed tomography scan – cervical spine

Cone biopsy

Conjugated bilirubin - blood

Conjugated bilirubin - urine

Coombs test

Coproporphyrin levels

Cord blood testing

Core needle breast biopsy - stereotactic

Core needle breast biopsy - ultrasound

Coronary angiography

Coronary calcium scan

Cortisol blood test

Cortisol suppression test

Cortisol urine test

Cortrosyn stimulation test

CPK isoenzymes test

CPK test

Cranial CT scan

Cranial MRI

Creatine kinase

Creatine kinase - isoenzymes

Creatine phosphokinase - isoenzymes

Creatine phosphokinase test

Creatinine - urine

Creatinine blood test

Creatinine clearance test

Cross matching



CSD skin test

CSF analysis

CSF cell count

CSF coccidioides complement fixation

CSF culture

CSF flow scan

CSF glucose test

CSF myelin basic protein

CSF oligoclonal banding

CSF pressure monitoring

CSF smear

CSF total protein


CT - lower back

CT - lumbosacral spine

CT colonography

CT enteroclysis

CT scan

CT scan - abdomen

CT scan - arm

CT scan - cervical spine

CT scan - chest

CT scan - head

CT scan - leg

CT scan - lungs

CT scan - orbital

CT scan - orbits

CT scan - pelvis

CT scan - shoulder

CT scan - sinus

CT scan - sinuses

CT scan - skull

CT scan - upper back




Culture - bile

Culture - blood

Culture - bone marrow

Culture - bronchoscopic

Culture - cervix

Culture - colonic tissue

Culture - CSF

Culture - duodenal tissue

Culture - ear drainage

Culture - esophageal

Culture - fingernail

Culture - gastric tissue

Culture - genital discharge or exudate

Culture - herpes simplex virus

Culture - joint fluid

Culture - lymph node

Culture - mucosal

Culture - mycobacterial

Culture - nasopharyngeal

Culture - pericardial fluid

Culture - peritoneal fluid

Culture - pleural fluid

Culture - rectal

Culture - skin

Culture - stool

Culture - throat

Culture - urine - catheterized specimen

Culture and sensitivity - urine

Culture of urethral discharge

Cystic fibrosis screening - neonatal


Cystography - retrograde

Cystometric study



Cystourethrogram - voiding


Cytology - ureteral retrograde brush biopsy

Cytology analysis - biliary tract

Cytology exam of pleural fluid

Cytology exam of urine


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