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Caffeine overdose

Caladium plant poisoning

Calamine lotion overdose

Calcium carbonate overdose

Calcium carbonate with magnesium overdose

Calcium channel blocker overdose

Calcium hydroxide poisoning

Calcium overdose

Calla lily

Campho-Phenique overdose

Camphor overdose

Camphor tar

Candles poisoning

Carbamate poisoning

Carbofos poisoning

Carbolic acid poisoning

Carbon monoxide poisoning

Carbonic acid poisoning

Cardiac glycoside overdose

Carrel-Dakin solution

Castor oil overdose


Caulking compound poisoning

Caustic soda poisoning

Cedar leaf oil poisoning


Chalk - swallowing

Chalk poisoning

Chapstick poisoning

Chelating agent poisoning

Chlordiazepoxide overdose

Chlorinated lime poisoning

Chlorine poisoning


Chlorpromazine overdose

Christmas cherry poisoning

Christmas flower poisoning

Chronic solvent encephalopathy

Ciguatera poisoning

Cimetidine overdose

Cinfacrom poisoning

Clinitest tablets poisoning

Clinoril overdose


Cloth dye poisoning

Clove oil overdose

Coal oil poisoning

Cobalt chloride

Cobalt oxide

Cobalt poisoning

Cobalt sulfate

Codeine overdose

Cold wave lotion poisoning

Colocasia plant poisoning

Cologne poisoning

Compazine overdose

Compound 4049 poisoning

Contac overdose

Cooking starch poisoning

Coolant poisoning

Copper poisoning

Corramedan overdose

Corticosteroids overdose

Cortisporin ointment overdose

Crank overdose

Crayons poisoning

Crazy Glue

Crystal meth overdose

Crystodigin overdose

Cuticle remover poisoning


Cyproheptadine hydrochloride overdose

Cyproheptadine overdose

Cythion poisoning


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