Health Information



B and T cell screen

B and T lymphocyte assays

B lymphocyte cell surface markers

B-cell leukemia/lymphoma panel

Back films


BAER - brainstem auditory evoked response

Barbiturates - screen

Barium enema

Barium enteroclysis

Barium swallow x-ray

Basal secretion test

Basic metabolic panel

Bence-Jones protein - quantitative

Benzodiazepines - screen

Bernstein test

Beta-carotene blood test

Beta-HCG - urine

Beta-HCG in blood serum - qualitative

Bicarbonate test

Bile culture

Biliary scan

Biliary tract biopsy

Bilirubin - blood

Bilirubin - urine



Biopsy - abdominal wall fat pad

Biopsy - biliary tract

Biopsy - bladder

Biopsy - bone

Biopsy - bone marrow

Biopsy - breast - stereotactic

Biopsy - breast - ultrasound

Biopsy - brush - urinary tract

Biopsy - carpal tunnel

Biopsy - cervical punch

Biopsy - cervix - colposcopy

Biopsy - colposcopy - directed

Biopsy - cone

Biopsy - endometrium

Biopsy - gastric tissue

Biopsy - gingiva (gums)

Biopsy - heart

Biopsy - kidney

Biopsy - liver

Biopsy - lymph nodes

Biopsy - mouth or throat

Biopsy - muscle

Biopsy - nasal mucosa

Biopsy - nerve

Biopsy - open lung

Biopsy - open pleura

Biopsy - parathyroid

Biopsy - polyps

Biopsy - rectum

Biopsy - salivary gland

Biopsy - skin

Biopsy - synovial membrane

Biopsy - testicle

Biopsy - thyroid - skinny-needle

Biopsy - tongue

Biopsy - upper airway


Bithermal caloric testing

Black light test

Bladder biopsy

Bladder scan

Bleeding time

Blood alcohol test

Blood culture

Blood differential

Blood gases

Blood hemoglobin

Blood indices

Blood lead levels

Blood pressure measurement

Blood pressure reading

Blood sample - arterial

Blood smear

Blood sugar level

Blood sugar test - blood

Blood typing

Blood urea nitrogen


BMD test

Bone biopsy

Bone densitometry

Bone density test

Bone lesion biopsy

Bone marrow aspiration

Bone marrow biopsy

Bone marrow culture

Bone mineral density test

Bone scan

Bone x-ray

Bony gallium scan

Bowel transit time

Brain CT

Brain MRI

Brain natriutetic peptide test

Brain PET scan

Brain positron emission tomography

Brain wave test

Brainstem auditory evoked potentials

Breast biopsy - stereotactic

Breast biopsy - ultrasound

Breast MRI scan

Breast PET scan

Breast positron emission tomography

Breast ultrasound

Breath alcohol test

Bronchoscopic culture


Brucella antibody test or titer

Brucella serology

Buccal smear

BUN - blood test



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