Health Information


Self-Care Instructions

Sacroiliac joint pain - aftercare

Safe eating during cancer treatment

Saline nasal washes

Salt restriction

Salt water washes

Same day surgery - child

Same day surgery - adult

Same-day surgery - adult

Same-day surgery - child


Sciatica - lifting

Sciatica - lifting

Screen time and children

Self catheterization - female

Self catheterization - male

Sensory hearing loss - music

Septic socket

Serous labyrinthitis - aftercare

Shin splints - self-care

Shingles - aftercare

Short-acting beta-agonists

Shoulder exercises

Shoulder replacement surgery - after

Shoulder separation - aftercare

Shoulder surgery - after

Shoulder surgery - using your shoulder

Signs of an asthma attack

SIJ dysfunction - aftercare

SIJ dysfunction - aftercare

SIJ pain - aftercare

SIJ pain - aftercare

SIJ strain - aftercare

SIJ strain - aftercare

SIJ subluxation -aftercare

SIJ syndrome - aftercare

Simple, heart-smart substitutions

Sinusitis - nasal wash

Sinusitis in adults - aftercare

Skilled nursing and rehabilitation facilities - choosing

Skilled nursing or rehabilitation facilities

Skin and hair changes during pregnancy

Skin flaps and grafts - self-care

Slipped disk - lifting

Smoking and asthma

Smoking and surgery

Snacking when you have diabetes

Snacks and sweetened drinks - children

Snacks for adults


Snoring - adults

Spitting up - self-care

Sponge bath

sprained elbow - aftercare


Standard ileostomy

Standard ileostomy - diet

Standard ileostomy - living with

Standard ileostomy - pouch change

Standard ileostomy and your child

Staph infections - self-care at home

Staphylococcus infections - self-care at home

Stay active and exercise - arthritis

Stay away from asthma triggers

Steps to take before you get pregnant

Sterile technique


Stones - kidney - self-care

Storing your medicines

Strained iliopsoas muscle - aftercare

Strategies for getting through labor

Stroke - prevention

Stroke - risk factors

Sub-acute rehab

Subcutaneous (SQ) injections

Subungual hematoma

Sun protection

Support stockings

Supporting your child with weight loss

Suprapubic catheter care

Surgical incision care

Surgical procedure - adult

Surgical procedure - child

Surgical wound care - closed

Surgical wound care - open

Swallowing problems

Sweetened beverages

Syndesmosis injury - aftercare


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