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UAE - discharge


UFE - discharge



Ulcer - aphthous

Ulcer - duodenal

Ulcer - duodenal - discharge

Ulcer - gastric

Ulcer - gastric - discharge

Ulcer - mouth

Ulcer - peptic

Ulcer - peptic - discharge

Ulcerative colitis

Ulcerative colitis

Ulcerative colitis - discharge

Ulcerative proctitis - discharge


Ulcers - male genitals

Ulcers - venous

Ulnar collateral ligament injury

Ulnar nerve dysfunction

Ulnar nerve palsy

Ultrasonography of the breast



Ultrasound - abdomen

Ultrasound - carotid

Ultrasound - coronary artery

Ultrasound - eye orbit

Ultrasound - pregnancy

Ultrasound - thyroid

Ultrasound - transvaginal

Ultrasound - vascular - carotid

Ultrasound-guided breast biopsy

Ultraviolet light test

Umbilical catheters

Umbilical cord blood transplant

Umbilical cord care in newborns

Umbilical hernia

Umbilical hernia repair

Uncal herniation

Uncinaria stenocephala

Uncircumcised penis - bathing

Uncomfortable fullness after meals

Uncomplicated urinary tract infection

Unconjugated benign bilirubinemia

Unconjugated bilirubin - blood

Unconsciousness - first aid

Uncontrollable passage of feces

Uncontrollable urination

Uncontrolled eye movements

Uncontrolled movements

Uncoordinated movement


Understanding cardiovascular disease

Understanding cholesterol results

Understanding the DASH diet

Understanding your breast cancer risk

Understanding your colon cancer risk

Undescended testicle

Undescended testicle repair

Undulant fever

Unemerged tooth

Unerupted tooth

Unguis incarnatus

Unicompartmental knee arthroplasty

Unicondylar knee replacement

Unilateral hydronephrosis

Unipolar depression

Unisol overdose

Unloading brace


Unstable angina

Unstable angina-ACS

Unstable bladder

UP junction obstruction

Up the back stretch

Up the back stretch


UPJ obstruction

Upper airway biopsy

Upper and lower motor neuron disease

Upper endoscopy

Upper GI and small bowel series

Upper GI bleeding

Upper GI series

Upper respiratory infection - viral

Uppers overdose

Upset stomach

Urea cycle - hereditary abnormality

Urea nitrogen urine test


Ureteral injury

Ureteral reflux

Ureteral retrograde brush biopsy


Ureteropelvic junction obstruction


Urethral discharge culture

Urethral discharge Gram stain

Urethral disruption

Urethral injury

Urethral meatal stenosis

Urethral obstruction malformation sequence

Urethral stricture

Urethral suspension

Urethral syndrome

Urethral syndrome - acute



Urge incontinence

Urgent urination

Uric acid - blood

Uric acid - urine


Urinalysis - clean catch

Urinary 24 hours sodium

Urinary Ca+2

Urinary casts

Urinary catheter - infants

Urinary catheters

Urinary catheters - what to ask your doctor

Urinary chloride

Urinary frequency or urgency

Urinary incontinence

Urinary incontinence

Urinary incontinence - injectable implant

Urinary incontinence - retropubic suspension

Urinary incontinence - tension-free vaginal tape

Urinary incontinence - vaginal sling procedures

Urinary incontinence - what to ask your doctor

Urinary incontinence products

Urinary incontinence products - self-care

Urinary incontinence surgery - female - discharge

Urinary obstruction

Urinary or ureteral stents

Urinary tract infection - adults

Urinary tract infection - catheter associated

Urinary tract infection - children

Urinary tract infection in children - aftercare

Urinary tract infection in children - aftercare

Urinary tract infection in women - self-care

Urinary tract stones

Urinating more at night

Urination - difficulty with flow

Urination - excessive amount

Urination - painful

Urination - uncontrollable

Urine - abnormal color

Urine - bloody

Urine - citric acid test

Urine - hemoglobin

Urine - red blood cells

Urine 24-hour volume

Urine albumin

Urine amino acids

Urine appearance and color

Urine Bence-Jones protein

Urine catecholamines

Urine chemistry

Urine collection - clean catch

Urine collection - infants

Urine concentration test

Urine coproporphyrin

Urine creatinine test

Urine culture

Urine culture - catheterization

Urine culture - catheterized specimen

Urine culture - clean catch

Urine cytology

Urine density

Urine dermatan sulfate

Urine drainage bags

Urine drug screen

Urine glucose test

Urine heparan sulfate

Urine immunoglobulin electrophoresis

Urine ketones

Urine melanin

Urine metanephrine

Urine myoglobin

Urine Na+

Urine odor

Urine output - decreased

Urine pH test

Urine potassium

Urine protein

Urine protein - 24 hour

Urine protein - 24 hour

Urine protein electrophoresis

Urine specific gravity test

Urine sugar reagent poisoning

Urine sugar test

Urine urea nitrogen

Urine uroporphyrin

Urine volume



Urological disorders

Uropathy - obstructive

Urostomy - stoma and skin care

Urostomy pouches and supplies

Urothelial cancer

Ursodeoxycholic acid (UDCA, ursodiol)


Urticaria pigmentosa

Use of restraints

Using a cane

Using a humidifier for colds

Using a walker

Using an incentive spirometer

Using crutches

Using oxygen at home

Using oxygen at home - what to ask your doctor

Using your shoulder after replacement surgery

Using your shoulder after surgery

Usual interstitial pneumonitis

Uteric stent - discharge

Uterine adenocarcinoma

Uterine artery embolization

Uterine artery embolization - discharge

Uterine cancer

Uterine corpus cancer

Uterine endoscopy

Uterine fibroid embolization

Uterine fibroid embolization - discharge

Uterine fibroids

Uterine polyps

Uterine prolapse

Uterine synechiae

Uterine synechiae, Intrauterine adhesions

Uteroplacental vascular insufficiency




Uterus retroversion

UTI - acute

UTI - adults

UTI - catheter associated

UTI - children





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