Health Information


Self-Care Instructions

Halo brace

Halo orthosis

Hamstring strain - aftercare

Hand fracture - aftercare

HDL test results

Headaches - danger signs

Health risks of alcohol use

Health risks of obesity

Healthy grocery shopping

Healthy snacking

Hearing loss and music

Heart attack - activity

Heart disease - activity

Heart disease - prevention

Heart disease - risk factors

Heart disease and depression

Heart disease and intimacy

Heart failure - fluids and diuretics

Heart failure - home monitoring

Heartburn - self-care

Heel pain and Achilles tendonitis - aftercare

Helping your teen with depression

Helping your teen with depression

Hemodialysis access - self care

Hemovac drain

Herbal remedies and supplements for weight loss

Herniated disk - lifting

Herpes - genital -self-care

Herpes simplex - genital - self-care

Herpesvirus 2 - self-care

High blood glucose - self-care

High blood sugar

High-fiber foods

Hip arthroplasty - precautions

Hip flexor injury - aftercare

Hip flexor strain - aftercare

Hip flexor tear - aftercare

Hip or knee replacement - in the hospital after

Hip or knee surgery - getting your home ready

Hip replacement - precautions

Home apnea monitor use - infants

Home blood sugar testing

Home health care

Home safety - children

Hormone replacement therapy - self-care

How to breathe when you are short of breath

How to care for pressure sores

How to give a heparin shot

How to read food labels

How to use a nebulizer

How to use an inhaler - no spacer

How to use an inhaler - with spacer

How to use your peak flow meter

HRT- self-care

HSV-2 - self-care

Human bites - self-care

Human milk


Hyperglycemia - self-care



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